Did You Know?

Our products are carefully formulated by muslim doctors and pharmacists without the use of alcohol or pork based ingredients.


Madina Vitamins Canada is a division of Madina Halal Pharmaceuticals and is the forefront of Halal Medication and Supplements.We take every step to insure that you are not only receiving a top of the line product but at the same time not having to compromise your beliefs. All of our products have been Halal Certified to insure there are no pork or alcohol based ingredients.


“I’ve been using Madina Halal Vitamins and Supplements from quite a while now. I’m so happy and satisfied with the quality of products as they do not use pork of alcohol based ingredients.



One of the most common questions we get asked is weather our supplements are truly halal. The answer to that is yes! We use either plant, fish or Certified Beef gelatin in our products. Every Single Product we manufacture is Certified Halal. To view the actual certifications please take a look at the about us section.


Mission Statement

Keeping in mind that most vitamins and supplements contain pork and alcohol based ingredients, Madina Vitamins decided to produce Certified Halal Vitamins and Supplements by using nothing shy of the best, all natural ingredients on a mass scale in our FDA, GMP approved facility, by doing so we have made our products affordable for everyone.